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Butlers Chocolate Company Essays

Stewards Chocolate Company Essays Stewards Chocolate Company Paper Stewards Chocolate Company Paper Stewards Chocolates was set up in 1932 by Mrs Bailey Butler. In 1959 the organization was bought and has been possessed by Mr. Seamus Sorensen since that time. The Butlers Irish Chocolates brand was conceived in 1984. It was named in memory of Ms Marion Bailey Butler. Stewards Chocolates is found is Clonshaugh, Dublin 17 since 2003. It is a private assembling restricted organization. The organization is the main extravagance chocolate maker in Ireland and works from a specially manufactured creation office in North Dublin. The beginning stage was, when in 1932, Mrs. Bailey-Butler started to create a scope of carefully assembled chocolates from her home in Dublins Fitzwilliam Square. The organization delivers a wide scope of heavenly candy parlor items including chocolate varieties, for example, truffles, fudge, toffee, chocolate bars and occasional oddities. In November 1998 the principal Butlers Chocolate Cafe opened its entryways on Wicklow St, Dublin. From that point forward, a large number of clients have visited the shops. Notwithstanding a loosening up bistro vibe, Butlers Chocolate Cafes likewise offer a top quality retail outlet. This one of a kind blend is presently fruitful. It is a special idea that has gotten colossally famous with visitors and local people the same. Head servants have additionally presented numerous different developments including: * mail request endowments * web promoting * club participation * rebate plans. These days Butlers Chocolate Cafe has a major market. In 1998 because of new site went live, fourteen Butlers Chocolate Cafes have opened, remembering 2 establishments for New Zealand. Retail shops have just opened up all over Ireland. The organization has made an effective idea Butlers Chocolate Cafes of which there are presently 8. There is a leader bistro at Dublin Airport and another at Dundrum Town Center. The latest bistro opening has been in Oliver Plunkett Street in Cork last December. Stewards have additionally ventured into the U.K showcase and their chocolates are presently broadly accessible in most significant air terminals all through the UK and at Waitrose stores. From 2006 to the current day Butlers have grown new items, propelling their first natural chocolate go, dim chocolate choice, 200g Chocolate 3D square range, Butlers Chocolate Cafe frozen yogurt just as Take Home Ice Cream among others. Additionally in coordinated effort, Butlers Chocolates propelled a scope of chocolates with Irish Fashion architect, Orla Kiely.1 The Cafes are a one of a kind idea and offer the buyer a definitive chocolate treat. This treat is conveyed by method of chocolate drinks, chocolate cakes and baked goods and hot refreshments, including the honor winning Butlers Hot Chocolate. Their Hot chocolate Sauce has won a gold decoration at the London Great Taste Awards. The organization has won various honors as of late including the Bord Bia Brand Marketing Award and the Crest Retail Excellence Award for Butlers Chocolate Cafe, Henry Street. What make Butlers chocolates so unique is the blend of the best chocolate with new Irish cream, margarine, eggs and mystery plans. Head servants Irish Handmade Chocolates are as yet situated in Dublin and Mrs. Bailey-Butlers unique plans and procedures have been passed on to the current age. They have stood the trial of time, winning many top honors, in Ireland and abroad. The Irish Chocolate Company supplies three particular markets. Initial one is a global obligation free market which was opened in Irelands principle air terminals, for example, Dublin, Shannon and Cork. Likewise, obligation free outlets were sourced on the ship courses among Ireland and the UK. Likewise the organization creates a scope of endowments that have been demonstrated fruitful in universal market including England, US, Russia and Dubai. It has increased a critical toehold in the course of the most recent four years in the household showcase too. The organization has strived to pick stores that are coordinate with the Butlers brand, searching for renown, eliteness and extravagance.

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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Leaflet Essay

There are numerous types of partiality and segregation and it tends to be experienced by anybody at whenever. This booklet is intended to assist guardians with understanding the effect it can have on kids and youngsters and why as a school we don't acknowledge it in any structure, be it from a kindred understudy, an individual from staff or outside expert or a parent/watchman or relative. Who is most in danger? The kids and youngsters most in danger from partiality as well as segregation are:- * The handicapped * Those with Special Educational Needs * Those who communicate in a language not the same as the lion's share * Those from an alternate culture, ethnicity or race * Those who show up in an unexpected way (red hair, glasses, skin coloration and so forth) * Anyone new to class * Anyone who has a high or low capacity * All youngsters as indicated by their sexual orientation Various types of partiality and segregation. There are a wide range of types of partiality and separation and they may encounter at least one of these at some random time. * This can incorporate verbally abusing. * Being kept separate from exercises or gatherings. * â€Å"Dumbing down† so as not to be named a â€Å"swat or geek†. * Being forgotten about on the grounds that they have a lower capacity and are classed as â€Å"stupid†. * Those from a more unfortunate foundation may endure in light of the fact that they can't bear to go on school trips. * Being singled out on the grounds that they appear to be unique, for example being called â€Å"ginger nut or carrot top† on the grounds that they have red hair or â€Å"specky four eyes† in light of the fact that they wear glasses. * Any one new to class may encounter being forgotten about in light of the fact that they have no companions and friend bunches have just been shaped. * Girls and young men can be victimized in view of their sexual orientation, â€Å"girls shouldn't play football† and â€Å"boys shouldn’t play with dolls or dance†. The entirety of the above are types of partiality and segregation and not every person will understand this and may have experience it or been the abuser. The impacts bias and separation can have on youngsters and youngsters. There are numerous influences that these types of partiality and segregation can have on the person in question. They run from gentle to serious reliant on to what extent, extreme the maltreatment and the perspective of the person in question. They may feel unvalued, need certainty, pull back into themselves, they won’t volunteer for exercises so as not to cause to notice themselves, they may experience issues centering and low confidence and this effects on their companionships and family life. The more extended this goes on the more pulled back they become and they would then be able to turn self hurting or drink and medications (youngsters) and in exceptionally extreme cases they could end it all. The effect our qualities and mentalities have. The manner in which we act around youngsters and youngsters as to our mentalities and qualities hugy affect the kids and youngsters we live with, work with and care for. The manner in which we communicate with these youngsters and youngsters is significant on the grounds that they are not brought into the world with mentalities; perspectives are found out from the individuals who have a noteworthy contribution to their lives. It is our activity as grown-ups to set a guide to them and the prior the better. * How would we be able to anticipate that them should accomplish something in the event that we are not set up to do it without anyone else's help? * Whatever our religion/convictions we should demonstrate them that it is okay to be interested about different religions and convictions, decent variety is a piece of our regular daily existences. * Other societies can show us various perspectives and customs (so increment our consciousness of why they may do things another way). * We ought to support our youngsters and youngsters to encounter various exercises (be it a young lady playing football or a kid moving). * We are for the most part people and ought to be treated in that capacity. * A kid with uncommon requirements or an inability is as yet a kid with sentiments and feelings. * If we are skilled and gifted and adapt effectively doesn’t mean we are terrible to be near. * If we have unique needs and need additional assistance with things it doesn’t mean my emotions can't be harmed. In school it is imperative to elevate Anti-biased practice to the youngsters and youngsters in our charge with the goal that they know that it isn't worthy conduct. It is essential to instruct them that we are for the most part extraordinary and one of a kind and this is something to be thankful for. We need to instruct them to regard one another’s decent variety and understand the individuals who are unique (the individuals who are the survivors of preference and separation) who they might be mishandling or know to be the casualty of misuse. We should instruct them to esteem each other as people and worth each other’s sentiments and rights to appear as something else, and instruct them that we are for the most part approaches. As a parent/carer, proficient or even a student it is our obligation to report any type of bias or segregation that we experience or witness, regardless of whether it be from an individual from staff, an outside expert, a parent/carer or an understudy. You ought to consistently challenge bias and separation and you should tell whomever it is that it is unsatisfactory to communicate their perspectives thusly, be it to you or another person or without a doubt to the understudy themselves. It isn't adequate to oppress someone else and in the event that it carries on you will report it to the important senior individual from staff in accordance with the approaches and methods set out for your setting. Bolster must be given to the casualty of the maltreatment and they should be urged to react with positive activity. Additional assistance might be expected to assist them with recouping their confidence and certainty. Any place conceivable get the abuser to apologize to the person in questi on and if conceivable get them to identify with the person in question. So in the event that you see it, experience it or hear it, report it!

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How to Use LinkedIn Effectively Communications Networking

How to Use LinkedIn Effectively Communications Networking We all know that being a LinkedIn member without actively using the platform is like being a gym member and sitting on the couch all day. LinkedIn is all about communications and networkingâ€"and since my latest updates, many things have changed in that arena. Not just the obvious changes like the renaming of the Summary section to “About” â€" but also some less prominent ones that you might not have noticed. Here’s a breakdown on how to use LinkedIn effectively, utilizing its new features for communications and networking success. How to Share Information Easily with LinkedIn Mail’s Voice Messaging, Availability Location Features Here’s a tip on how to use LinkedIn effectively with the new Voice Messaging feature, available in the mobile app. This tool can be a very useful way to make sure the intention of your message is understood, avoiding the potential miscommunications of written communications. The voice messaging feature does have its downsides. One author makes a good point stating, “When someone sees a voice message, there’s no way to discern the content. They have no idea what they’re about to listen to…” Therefore, connections who don’t know you might not take the time to listen to your voice message. Then again, curiosity is a strong force. It might be a good idea to preface your voice message with a written message just to be safe. To use the voice message feature, click on the Messaging icon in the top right. Click the plus icon to begin composing a message, then select the microphone icon at the bottom of your message window. Hold down the microphone/record button while speaking. Then hit Send or Cancel. Unfortunately, previewing your recording is not currently an option, so make sure you feel confident with your message before hitting send.. To learn more, read LinkedIn’s blog article about voice messaging. How to Schedule a Meeting with the Calendar and Location Features (Mobile Only) With LinkedIn’s calendar feature, available on the mobile app, you can suggest some available times to meet a new or existing connection. To do so, start a new message and click the plus sign to view all of your mobile messaging features. Click on “Availability.” Select a few time slots from your calendar that work for you, then click the checkbox in the upper right: LinkedIn will pull your information into the body of the message. Personalize and send! You can use the Location feature to let your connection know where you are or would like to meet in the future. Just click on the map icon, type in your desired location, and click the blue arrow to send a map. Note that maps are sent immediately â€" there’s no ability to add text to your message â€" so be sure to precede your map with a message explaining that the meeting location is on its way. How to Share Documents or Photos and Videos with Tags and Stickers Document Sharing in Updates LinkedIn recently added the ability to share documents as part of a post. You can now upload files from your desktop, Dropbox or OneDrive up to 100MB (but less than 300 pages) in PPT, PPTX, DOC, DOCX or PDF formats. Anyone who would like to access the document will be able to download your file as a PDF only. This feature is not available for mobile. For more about this feature and LinkedIn’s document best practices, see Sharing Documents on LinkedIn. Photos and Video Sharing If a LinkedIn connection appears in your photo or video, tag them! After selecting your image, click on the member you want to identify and a search field will appear. Begin typing the name of your connection, then click their profile to tag them. Tagged connections will be notified of your post and also have the ability to remove the tag if they wish. There is some concern that spammers will use tagging to harass LinkedIn users. Only time will tell. With LinkedIn’s mobile app, you can also add text and stickers to your videos and images. There doesn’t currently seem to be a way to search the available stickers, so you’ll need to scroll through them to find one you like. Perhaps LinkedIn will improve that functionality in the future, as well as increase the limited number of options available. How to Upgrade Your Interactions with Reactions ­ ­ ­Reactions ­ ­ ­In a previous article on how to use LinkedIn effectively, I covered how to upgrade your LinkedIn interactions with Emojis and GIFs. Now LinkedIn has provided another option for your communications: Reactions. LinkedIn’s Reactions function much like the features on Facebook, where members can not only like a post, but also love it, celebrate it, tag it as insightful or express their curiosity. If these new reaction images are not enough, you can include your own images with your comments to really stand out. You can share an event photo, a screenshot of an article with relevant content highlighted, infographics, and more. An image can draw more attention to your comment, so go for it! Click on the camera icon and attach any photo from your files. Note that you can’t post an image only; you must also leave a written comment. How to Recommend a Group Post Here’s a tip on how to use LinkedIn effectively as a group owner: You can now recommend important posts to members. Recommended posts will appear in group members’ home page feed so your group stays top of mind. To recommend a post as a group owner, click the three dots in the upper right corner and select “Recommend this post”: If you’re someone who writes articles and has been wondering whether it will ever be valuable to post them to groups, now you have an answer. Write good ones and perhaps the group owner will recommend your posts. As Josh Turner, WSJ author and founder/CEO of LinkedIn Selling, points out, “Familiarity begets trust. The more group members see your name, the better. Now that your recommended posts show up in LinkedIn’s main feed, members will be more aware of what’s happening in the group, and hopefully will visit and participate more often.” How to Stay in Touch with Your Coworkers The Teammates Feature is another possibility of how to use LinkedIn effectively. While it hasn’t been rolled out to all members yet, it will be soon. With this tool, you can add coworkers to your network as teammates. Then your teammates’ LinkedIn activity, such as posts, comments, likes, shares and work anniversaries will be prioritized in your feed so you can engage with them. To see if this feature is available to you, click on the My Network tab and look on your left sidebar: Click on “Teammates” to add coworkers. You can add a manager, teammates reporting to your manager, and direct reports. If you’re not already connected with a teammate, look for the “Connect” button next to their name. Once connected, you’ll be able to add notes for each teammate, as well as designate them as part of a current or past team. For information on the Teammates feature for mobile, read LinkedIn’s Help article, Using the Teammates Feature. What’s Been Discontinued The following features have quietly disappeared. Not sure what these are? Well, now you don’t have to worry about them! LinkedIn Lookup Request an Introduction Conversation Starters Analytics for regular status updates (only analytics for Publisher articles) Email notifications for activity within your network Group activity notifications (Group post “Recommendations” have been added) Group announcements Group job conversations LinkedIn Pulse Sharing Bookmarklet Old LinkedIn badges LinkedIn is constantly introducing what they consider improvements. Sometimes they stick; sometimes they don’t. I do my best to keep on top of all of the new options for how to use LinkedIn effectively, including updating my book each year to reflect the current state of affairs. If you want all my LinkedIn tips in one place, please click here to get your copy of the most recent edition of How to Write a KILLER LinkedIn Profile. And I’m always open to hearing about things you’ve noticed that maybe I missed. Please comment below with any questions or suggestions! A version of this article also appears in Executive Secretary Magazine, a global training publication and must read for any administrative professional. You can get a 30% discount when you subscribe through us. Visit the website at to find out more or to get your 30% discount, email and tell them we sent you.

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The Philosophy Of The World - 1406 Words

What must one do when confronted with the question of â€Å"How to live ethically†? Is there a set rule or guideline one must follow to live correctly? Is there a key to happiness? These questions are common and are known as the philosophies of life. The most difficult thing to communicate about philosophy is how ethical ideas are rooted in ideas of how the world works. What we believe to be ethical or not comes from simply our understanding of how the world works. A philosophy of Epicureanism focuses on the pleasures of life. I will argue that the idea that â€Å"pleasure is the starting point and goal of living blessedly.† (128) Epicureanism is a philosophy that advocates hedonism, which classifies pleasures as being the highest good. The key†¦show more content†¦For the third truth, he addresses how money and material things do not bring happiness. Money and other possessions, besides food and shelter, do not correlate with happiness. Lastly, the natural or der of life shows how pain comes and goes and how everything that is unpleasant will eventually pass. Epicurus explains how suffering is temporary and with this mindset anything can be tolerable. In Epicurus’s Letter to Menoeceus, Epicurus gives advice on how to live a happy life. He states: â€Å"The unwavering contemplation of these enables one to refer every choice and avoidance to the health of the body and the freedom of the soul from disturbance, since this is the goal of a blessed life.† (128) His advice expresses how a happy life is twofold; health of the body and freedom of the soul from disturbance. A man who become accustomed to the simple necessities of life is one that is completely healthy; a man who searches for the reasons for his every choice, while getting rid of other opinions, is one whose soul is free from disturbance. He stresses three key points to obtain this happiness. â€Å"So every pleasure is a good thing, since it has a natural congenial [to us], but not everyone is to be chosen. Just as every pain too is a bad thing, but not everyone is such as to be always avoided. (129) It is, however, appropriate to make all these decisions by comparative measurement and an examination of the advantages and disadvantages. For at

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In Search of Respect Guide - 1351 Words

Anthropology 11 – Cultural Anthropology In Search of Respect: Selling Crack in El Barrio General and Introduction What is Bourgois main argument in this book? How does he go about making it, step by step? Is it convincing? Why?/Why not? What is cultural capital? How does this concept explain the experiences of people from El Barrio-in school? at work? in business? in the legal system? How do you think Bourgois ethnography balances structure and agency? What are the functions of street culture? How have other social scientists interpreted inner city culture? How does Bourgois disagree with them? What does it mean to talk about a survival-of-the-fittest,†¦show more content†¦How do the perpetrators attempt to justify their actions? How can this be seen as part of male socialization? How does Bourgois interpret the Graffiti Hall of Fame? Chapter 6-Redrawing the Gender Line on the Street How have gender roles and masculine and feminine identities changed for the residents of El Barrio since their parents came over from Puerto Rico? What are the structural explanations underlying those changes? How can we see these changes in the different attitudes of Ray s andShow MoreRelated Sufi Teachers and Redefining the Traditional Student-Teacher Relationship1688 Words   |  7 Pagesthose individuals who use education as a means to reach their objective. For them, education is not a straight line with a definitive start and finish. It is a journey full of crossroads and choices, which require direction from a guide. For a student, the teacher is that guide. The teacher teaches the student how to find the right way in his journey and from time to time, help redefine students objective. The teachers role in a students journey is a central issue for a fruitful education. A teachersRead MoreLimited Liability Company ( Llc ) And Joint Venture1439 Words   |  6 Pagesamong the p roprietors. Also, adaptability with respect to how profit and management authority are resolved (Oon, 2012). Shania would need to go into an extremely detailed agreement that spells out every one of the subtle elements of the business. The Colorado Limited Liability Company Act was received in 1990. An LLC consolidates the concepts of organizations for tax purposes and corporations for liability purposes (The Colorado Business Resource Guide). On the off chance that Shania decide to openRead MoreWeb Analysis : Google Analytics765 Words   |  4 Pages this gives the ability to improve the on-site user experience which helps one achieve their business objectives. The services include online advertising technologies, search, cloud computing, and software. Most of its profits are derived from Ad Words, an online advertising service that places advertising near the list of search results. Google Analytics also helps us to learn what people are looking for and what they like with in- page Analytics and then with that help we can tailor our marketingRead MoreEssay on Dreams That Never Come1122 Words   |  5 Pagesunderstanding how to get around like renting a good apartment is filled with obstacles. She needs to understand the purpose and systems in paying for bills, and finding a safe and affordable apartment. Faeza was not able to find solace until there were guides that helped her into choosing a safe neighborhood to ren t a home and supplied her with basic necessities(Benntt 40). Tiwari is another man who although is ready to work hard to earn a living, is held back because he has no form of transportation (Griffin)Read MoreMy Philosophy Of Education And The Principalship Over The Past Twelve Years973 Words   |  4 PagesI am excited and humbled to begin a magnificent journey with all of you to educate our children. I want to share with you my administrative and educational philosophies, which will guide our work together for the children of Muskegon. Administrative philosophy I have developed my philosophy of education and the principalship over the past twelve years. These years have given me a healthy and balanced perspective from which to construct effective programs to improve and support student learningRead MoreQuestions On Reason And Faith1357 Words   |  6 Pagesourselves in our everyday lives, consumed by mundane task and the world around us, that we fail to see the bigger picture, which then leads us astray wondering what is missing in our lives. So by knowing ourselves, using our reason and letting faith guide us we enter into a greater picture of being, where we find meaning in life and in one another. From the very beginning of our creation we see how truly curious man is, to the point of his own fall. This continues to drive many of our lives down aRead MoreGoogle Case Study746 Words   |  3 PagesGermany, Japan 1. How does a search engine work and make money? What is the exportability of a search engine’s technology and business model? Google, the world’s largest search engine provides simple, fast and relevant search results by using PageRank technology that displays results by detecting the keywords inside web pages and determining the importance of a search result based on the number and popularity of other sites that linked to the page. Google Search provides at least 22 special featuresRead MorePlanning a Mobile Robot in Static and Dynamic Environments1086 Words   |  4 Pages Introduction 1.1 Introduction:- In this Research develops and implements a Genetic Algorithm based approach with a Grid search method for path planning for a mobile robot in Static and dynamic environments. The approach uses the search of the static and dynamic obstacles as search space. Using the Grid search method, it searches an initial feasible path for the robot in the environment. In an environment with obstacles, a mobile robot must be able to generate collisionRead MoreHist 415 Week 1 Homework Essay733 Words   |  3 Pagesoutcome of the most likely courses of action. History is a good guide to track many different trends. So, understanding what history means is can be very useful in explaining why it is important to study and learn from. When studying history the best resources that will be the most helpful to the student of history are Search engines on the internet. Search engines are helpful when researching historical facts. Google and Yahoo provide search suggestions if help is needed forming questio ns. Google ScholarRead MoreHierarchy of Evidence in the Research Process1385 Words   |  6 Pagesto meet its goals (Palinkas   Soydan, 2011). With reference to the reliability of evidences in the research process, the evidences are usually recognized in hierarchies. These hierarchies of reliability are typically used by the researchers as a guide in order to make the evidences effective so that the conclusions can be drawn according to the objectives of the research study (Palinkas   Soydan, 2011). Hierarchies of evidences can simply be explained as a system of ranking of evidences that the

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Salary of Professional Athletes Free Essays

Professional athletes are among the highest-paid individuals in the world nowadays. Their salaries have catapulted to meteoric levels; and there are no signs of going down. Ridiculous amount of money is always in tow, whenever an athlete is signed by a team owner in order to bolster the team’s popularity. We will write a custom essay sample on Salary of Professional Athletes or any similar topic only for you Order Now This will generate revenues, and entice advertisers and athletic companies to sponsor the team as well. Team owners always mean business. There are no business ethics involved in transactions in order to augment the team’s performance and popularity. Team managers are always at the helm of retaining their prized franchise players. Managers are more than willing to hand out heft contracts to their franchise and star players in order to match any other team offer. The minimum annual salary of athletes is beyond $100,000. This amount increases whenever an athlete is showing tremendous performance to help the team increase their popularity by winning games. Athletic salaries, exuberant and irrational as they may seem, are not crucial to economic requisites of a country, With this in mind, some people with blue-collar jobs have perceived that professional athletes are ridiculously making large amounts of money. In a society that people value hardwork, athletes are sometimes seen as complacent overpaid professionals who don’t live up to the various expectations of the society. Ironically, this meteoric salary issue is the result of an awesome manic fan feedback to sports teams. People are the ones who shell out absurd amounts of money to buy team merchandise. Season tickets increase due to the fact that this is the way how team owners make money to pay their star employees. This only shows that sports are highly considered an important part of the society itself. People find professional athletes ridiculously overpaid, yet they tolerate such by buying merchandise and tickets, which fuels a team’s funds. One must ponder how a country’s government can use such exuberant amount of money to solve problems and to pay debts in world banks. Some athletes don’t really value the worth of hard-earned money. However, some athletes are helping the society by engaging in charitable acts. This suggests that huge athletic salaries can either be a good thing or a bad thing. How are Sports Leagues Moderating Player Salaries? Obviously, basketball players have the highest average salary among all professional athletes. NBA teams are known for allocating large amounts of money to its players, which are very popular in an international scale. NBA players average more than $4 million on an annual basis. Former Miami Heat center Shaquille O’Neal has amassed an estimated $20 million in the 2005 season alone. Surprisingly, the minimum salary at that season for rookies was $398,762, which was more than the $1. 1 million that 10-year NBA veterans get (Woolford, 2007). This only shows that the average minimum salary has experienced its peak. With this in mind, non-sports afficionados have generate opinionated statements towards the exuberant salary that is tolerated by team owners. However, the most expensive sports contract handed out for a professional athlete was not in the NBA. Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees signed a 10-year $252 million contract in 2000. Derek Jeter succeeds him as the second highest-paid player in the MLB. Let us compare the salaries of baseball players to teachers. Baseball players make an average of $2. 9 million, while teachers were getting an average pay of $46,597 in 2003. This of course generates the notion that how matter you contribute to the society; it only shows that you are not worth the monetary value you deserve while contributing to your society. A teacher from South Carolina has this to say: â€Å"I don’t mind that athletes get paid so much,† said Franklin Davis, a history teacher at Spring Valley High School in Columbia, S. C. â€Å"I enjoy what I do and don’t do it for the money, even though it wouldn’t hurt to make more. †(Woolford, 2007). Among the sports league, only the National Football League (NFL) implements an iron fist on its players’ salaries. Teams from the NBA, MLB, and NHL all guarantee a contract, which grants its players a salary security due to the fact that an athlete will only play for a team that offers his desired salary. The only consolation an NFL player gets is a signing bonuses stipulation that aids teams if a certain player is inactive (Woolford, 2007). In order for the NBA to moderate team owners in spending exuberant amounts of money on player contracts, the league has proposed the system of salary cap that will limit these owners from handing out huge contracts. A salary cap helps maintains the balance in a much competitive league like the NBA. Teams can very well overwhelm and outspend some teams by handing out huge contracts to free agents who would augment their rosters. This concept suggests that a talented free agent can only sign for a team who will not exceed its salary cap. With this in mind, a team with much financial capability is playing in a level with the other teams (Coon, 2008). Statistics have shown that the salary cap system have moderate the league in terms of competitiveness. The correlation between team payroll and regular season wins was at a low 0. 12 (Coon, 2008). This suggests that there in no correlation between a team winning and the salary of its players (Coon, 2008). The salary cap system has been first introduced in 1947. NBA players were earning between $4000 to $5000 at that time. Salary cap limit was $55,000. The latest and modern salary cap proposal was ushered in 1984 at $3. 6 million (Coon, 2008). Eventually, it increased by $1 million each season. In 1994 it was halted at $15. 964 million (Coon, 2008). Salary cap increases are associated with the fluctuations of currency exchange as well. in 1995, salary cap increased again at $23. million acknowledging a huge television contract from NBC. In the 1997 season, it increased at $26. 9. In 2002, the much anticipated ABC/ESPN contract was imminent and generated a $4. 6 billion over six years, but less than what NBC paid in 2001. This salary cap was greatly affected with such. It shows that the salary cap system has its flaws as well, yet it aids in moderating a team’s financial capabilities in spoiling its players from getting large and irrational amounts of money. The Holistic Consequences of Athletic Compensation A myriad of economic issues has plagued the NBA for the 1998 season. A massive player lockout and other issues have seen NBA players union and the Commissioner arguing and debating about revenues and player salary restrictions. The lockout has caused a delay of the season and games suspended until a compromise is reached by both parties. During the negotiations between the two parties, Andrew Zimbalist, a consultant for the union, has asserted that the league has employed strategies in order to preserve the competitive balance of the league per se. Yet this move hampered the salaries of basketball players who want spontaneous salary increases in an instant. The lockout has generated a handful of rational amendments, which included the apt salary regulation of players. Amendments include: restriction of players salaries to a certain limit, evaluating the draft order of players in order to accommodate poorer teams, and revenue sharing among team owners (Kern, 2000). NBA team owners are the primary proponents of the massive salary cap restriction movement. The restriction will make financially weak teams secure in surviving in a widely competitive league. Arguably, this notion is not completely true. If such financially-challenged teams are complaining, then most teams are losing money and arena-hopping would be impossible. Yet those moves are easily initiated by most NBA teams. Ironically, the same teams who proposed such are the same teams who clamored for the omission of the â€Å"Larry Bird exception† that augmented the maintenance of competitive league balance. This generated the not all owners are willing to pay exuberant amounts of money to their players; and their only goal is to raise more profits. With this in mind, compensation for basketball players is hampered. The notion that these athletes are overpaid is easily omitted, and brings about a favorable opinion about salaries of professional athletes (Ocampo, 2008). Arguably, if NBA team owners are really bent on promoting competitive balance; they must adhere to the NFL’s method of revenue sharing. Yet such strategy would generate more complicated issues for basketball and baseball leagues alike. The best solution for such is to generate a new set of league rules in order to hamper to the increasing. Eventually, large market teams will be compelled to share their market with teams from competing leagues. Cities will not have to compete against each other by showcasing newly-built teams in order to attract teams (Kern, 2000) Player compensation are also affected by such moves on the part of team owners. Eventually, the issue of redundant salary of professional athletes are place in further scrutiny by spectators. In conclusion, most professional athletes are making excess amount of money in the most irrational way. Team owners are spoiling their players in giving in to their monetary demands. These athletes are supposed to be role models for children. Yet, in one way or another doesn’t exemplify the apt behavior towards monetary issues. Arguably, they do not teach the youth to value hard-earned money, and earning in a proper way. Yet this is not the real issue per se. The real issue here is that how are professional athletes spending their salaries. It is good to know that some players use their monetary capabilities to put up charitable institutions; and involve themselves in community service as well. With this in mind, the debate on whether these professional athletes are overpaid or not are not completely answered. Professional athletes are either overpaid or underpaid depending on the economic state of the country they reside in. How to cite Salary of Professional Athletes, Papers

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Consumer Behavior Analysis Of Brand Nivea - Free Sample Solution

Question: Discuss about the Consumer Behavior Analysis of Brand Nivea. Answer: Introduction The report discusses the consumer decision making process for the brand Nivea. The report aims to find out how a consumer makes a choice to buy a product which is required on daily basis. It would evaluate the brand Nivea that how a consumer is attracted towards the brands product and the factors that influences the decision of the consumer before buying the product. Nivea Nivea is a personal care brand that provides specialized body care and skin care products. Nivea has entered the household products of almost every Australian and has established a trust among the consumers. It has become one of the family products because of its trust that it has build over hundred years. Nivea provides a wide range of personal care products such as bath care, body care, deodorant, lip balm, sunscreen etc. Its products are available at supermarkets. With the emerging technologies, Nivea has also started selling its product on online stores (Nivea, 2016). Consumer Decision Making Process Need recognition: Before purchasing any product, a consumer must have a need for that product. Consider an example of nivea soap for which the need would be taking bath. The product should satisfy the customer requirement. Nivea soap is required on daily basis by the customer therefore, a consumer would need to buy the product almost every month in order to fulfill his need (Lantos, 2015). Information search: Now a consumer would search the information related to soap for which he may ask friends and family to consider their opinions, he may himself search the product on internet to familiarize himself with the available options of brands, he may consult a dermatologist or a consumer might have seen some television ad or a poster in the market by which the consumer was delighted or attracted. This means a consumer would definitely make a thorough search before purchasing the product to gather the information on brands available in the market (Wright, 2006). Evaluation of alternatives: The consumer would now evaluate all the options that have been collected through different resources. He may attracted by certain product because it is suitable to his skin type, the prices is under the budget. Now the consumer would evaluate different options such as nivea, dove etc. He would also consider the prices of the product and value for money he is getting along with the product. Here, the different advertisements of nivea and its competitors would influence the mind of the consumer (Lantos, 2015). Purchase decision: Now the consumer would be purchasing the nivea soap after considering its price and the advertisement and word of mouth publicity of the product (Wright, 2006). Post purchase behavior: The consumer analyzes the value for money of the product after purchasing the product and recommends it to other persons of his family and groups (Noel, 2009). Consumer Behavior Cultural Factors Cultural factors consist of the human ideologies and moral values of the group. They determine human behavior within a society through various customs and traditions. Sub-Culture Culture is further divided into the sub cultures categorized as age, religion, gender, geographical locations, status etc. Nivea offers its wide product range for both the genders men and women. It offers customized products to suit the requirement of Australian customers their skin type, the weather and climatic conditions. Niveas products are generally bought by the low end consumers and thus, a consumer with a high social status would not buy Nivea (Pfeiffer, 2002). Social Factors Social factors can be categorized into reference groups, family and role and status. Since Nivea is a low level consumer product therefore, a person belonging to a low income level would be likely to buy nivea product. Individual Factors Individual factors include age, personality, lifestyle and personal thought process. Niveas product are designed for the people of all age groups. A person whose economic condition is not very sound and is earning low income would prefer nivea products (Sokolowski, 2013). Psychological Factors Psychological factors can be categorized as motivation, perception and beliefs and attitudes. The way a consumer has grown up knowing about a brand influences the decision to buy the product of that brand. Nivea is a specialized personal care brand for low income level group (Mooij, 2010). Maslows Hierarchy of Needs Nivea would be placed under the physiological need as per the Maslows Hierarchy of Needs model. Physiological needs are those needs without which a body cannot function properly for example air, water, food, clothing, shelter etc. This means that these are our daily needs and requirement. Now the products of Nivea are bath care, face care, deodorant and other body care products which are required on daily basis and one cannot take a bath without soap or a face wash. Thus Niveas product would be categorized under the physiological needs of Maslows Hierarchy of needs (McGuire, 2012). Conclusion The report has analyzed the consumer decision making process for Nivea which is a personal care brand. From the report it can be concluded that Nivea targets low income level consumers and has priced its products accordingly. It is placed under the physiological needs of Maslows Hierarchy Model. References: East, R., Singh, J., Wright, M., Vanhuele, M. (2016). Consumer Behaviour:Applications in Marketing. California: SAGE. Lantos, G.P. (2015). 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